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KLJ Computer Solutions Inc. has been providing data management solutions to a broad range of clients since 1995. Originally a custom development boutique, KLJ is now focused on web-based product development and support. The company is a leader in the provision of specialized solutions to two verticals – insurance/risk management and self-regulated licensing bodies.


claimsHQ offers the most complete and flexible claim handling solution in the industry. It was developed side by side with senior claims professionals to provide the most comprehensive and efficient end-to-end claims processing system available for carriers, IAs, TPAs, and self-insured organizations.


Venue is an enterprise-level claims management system supporting all non-life lines of business, including workers’ compensation. Venue is designed for specialty line carriers and TPAs who require a scalable, highly configurable and comprehensive claims management system that can support unlimited users in a robust, roles-based security environment.


What Is claimsHQ?

claimsHQ is fully configurable to meet the unique and diverse needs of your organization. claimsHQ works the way you work, giving you full control. This includes, but is not limited to, defining workflows (from simple to highly complex), tracking the status of claims from creation to close, hiding non-required fields, and re-labelling fields along with the ability to maintain all dropdowns within the system. claimsHQ also handles multiple levels of role-based security, allowing greater access to additional stakeholders in a readily-controlled environment.


What is Venue Claims?

Venue ™ Claims Management for Independent Adjusters provides end-to-end management of the entire claims processing workflow.

Whether you are an adjustment firm, third party administrator, insurance carrier, or a self-insured organization, Venue ™ is for you.

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